Monday, June 6, 2016

X country

 My goal is to come in the top10 because I mostly come 10-20 I think I didn't do as good as I hoped here are some photos, it was really challenging and that's good :) in practice we run 1.5k and that was a bit easy, and a bit hard,x-country is not my favorite thing :| 

Feedback: Well done! Running can be hard work but very rewarding.
Feedforward:Maybe next time you could practice more at home. Mum

The hard thing was: running the steepest hills and running 2k was hard because
I'm not a fast runner
The easy (fun) part was: showing that I did my best an down hills

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  1. Cross country was never my favourite thing either Angus! And those hills at Skoglund Park make it tricky too! I always think that that is what we are missing at school - we don't practise the hill part. Perhaps next time you might want to do some practise on some hills!