Monday, May 2, 2016

The arts

In class we have been making art with our buddy's it looks very different but that's the good thing
About the art because it is Sarah Platt art My buddy's name is Sasha, we did 2 piece Elly had to started with the hole picture a she cuted little piece out and we had to copey them on a bigger piece we did 4 or 5 drafts hope you like it's

feedforward: You made a really good video that showed off the art quite well.
Feedforward: Next time in the video you could explain what we did in the art.
Jayden p


It was hard planning what colors to yous because Sasha wanted to yous only coloring pencils but I wanted to yous a mix luckily we finished


  1. When you are working collaboratively, making decisions can sometimes be the hardest thing to do! When you had different opinions, what did you do to finally make a decision with your buddy?