Thursday, March 3, 2016

My one word post

My one word post


First we choose a one word. It is try. I chose try because 
I need to try more stuff! If  I don't nothing exciting will be in my life.
It will help me be a fun person.
I made the letters in my word,'try' show the things that I like. 

Feedback: I think you could open your eyes next 
time you have a photo about your one word.
Feedforward: I really like the words you put on your word and 
I like the creative things you put on your word
From Shaun.b 

The tricky part was the bat and the easy part was the apple 
I think I should do something that was not the apple I could
Do a cow next time. The trickys part when I try is when I try to climb a tree 
But the easy part is to hit a ball at baseball.

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  1. Thanks Angus. I love your word 'try' - it makes me think that you will be wanting to try a whole lot of new things this year! And that is exciting!