Thursday, March 24, 2016

My camp eportfolio sample


We went to El Rancho 2 weeks ago we had a bunch of fun activities
They are rafts, archery, horses water slide, slip,n,slide, pool, team initiative, mini golf, low ropes, rifles, My favorite was the kayks. My activity group is group 8 with Andy C and Catherine , we had lost of fun, but... My cabin group wow my room was messy you should of just seen it, but my Parent was awesome!!  His name was Andy L he is the best cabin guy in the world!! :)


Feedback and Feedforward

FBWell described Angus. I like the parts where you identify what you need to do to improve.
FF Angus you need to work on your spelling. Try and look up words you are unsure about


At camp I think that the hardest part in camp was the sleeping the people on the top bunk and next store were very annoying the easy part was having fun at all of the activities, we go to camp to
Make new friends

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  1. I'm so pleased to hear that Andy was such a great camp parent! I agree! He did a great job. Yes, sleeping with a whole lot of boys would be difficult! There was a whole lot of excitement, especially on the first night! Unfortunately I can't see the photos of the pages from your camp diary. Did you make new friends on camp? Has this made a change to who you hang out with now that you are back at school?