Monday, February 22, 2016

My Minecraft treaty of wartangi

My Minecraft Treaty of Waitangi


What I did is me and my friends made a Minecraft ship with William Hobson holding the Treaty of Waitangi.The creators of the ship Are angus\cow dude  jack\creeper man and Toby\no minecaft. They had dogs to breed that's is why we have dogs.

Big idea 

I learned that there was 500 people who signed the treaty. There were 7 copies of the treaty. I think I should work with different people because We mucked around a lot, what we were doing was good we just didn't get it finished we got 3 facts done.

Feed back and feed forward 

Fb I like the way you included the wach tower
Ff  More fasts.        Toby.R


I think that I should do a movie not a minecraft because a minecraft 
Is really easy and a movie is hard for me. For me the easy think is creating 
But the hard bit is finding facts buy my self

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  1. That is really good that you know which part of the learning you find easy and which bit you find hard! What help do you need to ensure that you will be able to find facts about a different topic next time?