Sunday, February 28, 2016

Active and busy listening


We were leaning to listen respectfully we choose to do a 30second  movie In 30 minutes. To show 
All the tips of all the different listening like busy listening and me to listening and active listening 


Big idea 

The main part is active listening because busy listening is bad because 
it looks like you're Not listening but active listening I 
Is we you are listening and you could ask questions or copy what he says 

Feedback Feedforword

Feedback  I like the way that you Luke and Hannah used a loud voice 
Feedforword next time you have a text in the video.


The tricky part is when we keep messing stuff up
butt we made It .The easy part was we we didn't mess stuff up 
We learned to work with different people like I work with a girl!
Not Much boy work with girls 😄

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  1. You have created a great little movie showcasing different types of listening! Well done! I feel bad, because we put a time limit that said it could only be 30 seconds! You really needed a bit of extra time didn't you? Great to see you working with different people! It's not so bad is it?!? What sort of a listener are you? How do you know?